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The History of EC Eng. & Mfg. Inc.

In 1952, Eric Colliander immigrated to the United States from Sweden. He had approximately $50.00 in his pocket to start life in his chosen country. His wife Anna and son Paul waited in Sweden for him until they could join him two years later.

When Eric arrived in the United States he could not speak English, but was soon learning his new language. Almost immediately upon his arrival, he started working as a machinist, the profession he had learned while in Sweden. As he taught himself to speak English, he saved every penny he earned until he had enough money to send for his family. They joined him in San Fernando, California, where Eric, a few years later, was able to start his own company. In 1968, Eric opened up EC Eng. & Mfg. Inc. Wanting to live in a more rural community, Eric moved the company in 1983 from San Fernando, California, to Mountain Home, Arkansas, where it is still located.

Eric ran the company from the day it opened until his death in September 2003. The company is still family owned. Paul Colliander stepped into his father’s shoes to continue to provide excellent tools, superior customer service, and to continue where his father left off. EC Eng. & Mfg. Inc. has been going strong since 1968 and will continue to thrive for many more years.

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