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Portable, Handheld Pneumatic Saws, Routers & Trim Shears

EC Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc.

Portable, Handheld, Pneumatic Saws, Routers & Trim Shears

EC Engineering & Manufacturing manufactures portable, handheld pneumatic saws, routers, and trim shears for a variety of applications in the aerospace, aircraft, automobile, boat, ship, fiberglass and other industries. We offer flexibility by providing a series of tools within each category to meet your fabrication and material removal requirements. Where appropriate, tools are equipped with either inline or ergonomic pistol-grip motors for operator ease of use.

Our line of tools are used for precision metal and non-metal cutting purposes. Our pneumatic (air) saws equipped with carbide-tipped steel blades are ideal for cutting non-ferrous materials, while our pneumatic (air) routers and trim shears are designed for light to heavy duty industrial usage.

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Through our many years of experience, we have earned a solid reputation around the world for the quality, durability & dependability of our competitively priced industrial tools & accessories. Please contact us by email, fax, or phone for additional information.

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