Spare Parts

Replacement Parts: Replacement parts are available for our current models. A parts list is provided with each tool. Please use this list to help determine parts needed. 

Saw Blades: Our most popular saw blades are listed below. Other blades are also available.  All saw blades are sold separately.

  • EC 7977 Saw blade, 2 inch (12 or 22 teeth)
  • EC 7816 Saw blade, 2 ½ inch (16 teeth)
  • EC 7110 Saw blade, 3 inch  (12 teeth)
  • EC 7111 Saw blade, 3 ¼ inch  (12 teeth)
  • EC 7114 Saw blade, 4 inch  (12 teeth)

Cutters: Initial set of cutters are provided with the purchase of a trim shear. Replacement cutters are sold separately.

  • EC 9097 Feed Cutter for EC-7 and EC-8 Trim Shear
  • EC 9098 Roll Cutter for EC-7 Trim Shear
  • EC 9101 Roll Cutter for EC-8 Trim Shear
  • EC 9280 Feed Cutter for EC-9 Trim Shear
  • EC 9279 Roll Cutter for EC-9 Trim Shear
  • EC 9915 Feed Cutter for EC-10 Trim Shear
  • EC 9914 Roll Cutter for EC-10 Trim Shear

Discontinued Parts: Many discontinued replacement parts (for older EC Eng. & Mfg., Quackenbush, and Erickson model tools) are still available. Please contact us for availability.