Product Safety Warnings

For your safety, make sure you apply standard shop practices at all times when using these tools. Your failure to apply these practices may result in serious bodily injury.

Protect your eyes, ears, and other parts of your body by using safety equipment - respirator, safety goggles, ear mufflers and other necessary safety devices - at all times when operating these tools or when you are in the area where these tools are being operated.

For maximum stability and safety, only operate these tools with both hands on the tool. Follow the cutting tool manufacturer’s mounting and operating instructions and avoid any direct contact with the sharp cutting edges of these tools.

Modification or improper use of these tools, including, but not limited to, removing guards, mufflers, or other safety devices, voids all responsibilities of the manufacturer.

Excessive air pressure, over and above 90 PSI, will increase the RPM, the sound level, and can be a damaging factor to both the operator and the tools.

Stay alert! Watch what you are doing! Do not operate these tools when under the influence of medication, alcohol, or drugs!

Disconnect the air supply before changing the cutter and when making adjustments or repairs.

Do not remove warning tags until both sides have been read and understood by the person(s) responsible for safety in your plant.

If you need any other information, consult your supervisor or contact:


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